Kevin Durant’s Time With Warriors Was Extraordinarily Brief And Amazing

We do not require you. We won without you. Leave. Those are the words, take or offer, supposedly said by Draymond Green towards Kevin Durant throughout their November in-game argument. It’s the belief that hung over Durant’s whole Warriors period.

Durant was seen as the unneeded superstar, unnecessary addition to a 73-win NBA Finals group. Numerous individuals declined to appreciate Durant as a rival after he left the Thunder for a group that beat them in the playoffs.

He has an opportunity to win a more significant title now. With Kyrie Irving joining him in Nets, Durant can become the most dominant player in the upcoming NBA season. He is ending a dynasty by leaving the GSW and indeed altering a paradigm. ┬áIndeed, Durant selected the Warriors for many factors. Golden State was packed– Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and then Durant.

Durant’s torn Achilles tossed mayhem into the 2020 title chase; however, if he remained in Golden State, the Warriors would have been early favorites for 2021 and beyond. Heck, they still would have had a battling opportunity next season on the off possibility Durant returns and produces in the playoffs.

On paper, this was a fairy tale circumstance. In Durant’s three years with GSW, Durant had 11.3 win shares per season which is rare and currently, this is what making everyone knows that when a gamer is producing like that, he and the group generally keep it going longer.